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Are you another smartphone freak who loves to dive into latest smartphone stuff and know about the new features that come into the smartphone market every now and then? When it comes to smartphones, who can deny the niche Samsung has all over the world! While it was founded in 1969 in South Korea as Samsung Electric Industries, it landed up into the Android market in the year 2009.From semiconductors to televisions, Samsung has proved its ace time and again but over the decade has also turned out to be a world most reputed smartphone manufacturer.

Known for its high-end Galaxy series, it is expected to upbeat the competition via launch of Galaxy Note 8 this year. Bringing all your confusion to an end, we offer a sneak peek into the much-awaited Galaxy Note 8 smartphone that is expected to officially hit the marketplace by Q2 of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price, Release Date and Specs:

While price is still a mystery to speculate, it is definitely subjected to come at a higher as compared to the previous S7 model. According to the predictions put forward by Goldman Sachs, the Note 8 price is supposed to go a hike of 15 to 20 percent this year. While, Twitter says that the price is somewhere to be expected around Rs. 61,700 as per INR that would amount to EUR 849.

The Attractive Display

Boarded with a curved dual edged display, Samsung galaxy Note 8 is surely going to create a buzz among users. A recent picture leak revealed that the display would take up all the screen space giving an ultra-rich experience while you use the piece of smartphone in your hands. The top bezel is supposed to be equipped with a camera, sensors, speaker while the bottom one will contain the logo. Further, a mega 5.5 inch AMOLED display with an 806ppi density will turns the heads out letting you watch everything in 4K.

What to expect with Note 8 variants?

As per the news is to be believed, Samsung is going to launch its galaxy flagship phones in two separate variants which will differ in size as 5.7 and 6.2 inch. The bigger sized phone would be called the Note 8 while the smaller one would be named as the Note 8.

Exploring the Note 8 features! What to expect?

No Home Button

Samsung is going to trip its home button and bring a new all display fronts that would not have this button. The leaked image also did not show any of these buttons further giving a hit to the speculations.

Finger print scanner goes Optical

While high-end Samsung phones have always known to contain fingerprint sensor located below the home button, the galaxy Note 8 are also going to have them. But, as per the news this time we can expect of an optical sensor that would be capable of reading your thumbprint within the display itself.

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Secure Binary Options Robots

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The software impressively generates the trade signals and performs the trades in automatic mode to the linked account of your broker. The automated trading software provides you with three profitable money management i.e. Classic System, Martingale System and The Fibonacci system.

In the mean time Option Robot offers six indicators for the set up of running trades. The software is enabled with some impressive indicators such as TREND, RSI, WILLIAMS, MACD, STOCH & SSI. Multiple indicators of the binary option robot when it is selected the signal will be generated, when the two algo match up with each other.

Affiliated brokers and license:

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Downloading the Showbox app for iPad devices is a topic causing much confusion among users. On top of that, there are numerous reports of iPad Showbox not working. With the remarkable quality of iPad screens, the product was made to enjoy quality video streaming services like the ones offered by Showbox. A wide range of quality films and TV shows accessible at no cost regardless of time and location enter a whole new level with
high-resolution iPad screens which are much bigger than the iPhone ones accounting for the highest quality of the image and comfort of watching.

This iPad Showbox installation manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to get Showbox run on your iOS device successfully and enjoy these advantages without having to face issues with iPad Showbox not working properly.

How To install Showbox on your iPad device follow these simple steps:

  • Access any internet browser from your iPad and download the vShare application onto your device. Make sure the app is to be found on iTunes;
  • The downloaded file will have a dmg extension. Locate it in your downloads folder and tap to launch the installation process. The system will request a confirmation that you trust the vShare app – respond in the affirmative. The vShare app will be installed automatically on your device;
  • Launch the downloaded application and confirm one more trust check prompt which will pop up on the screen. Search for “showBox.apk” in the app’s search bar and tap to download and install the app. MovieBox is a sister app to Showbox, designed specifically to be compatible with iPads and other iOS-based devices.
  • Another pop-up with a prompt to confirm if you trust the application will appear on the screen. Give a positive response and MovieBox will start installing on your device automatically;
  • When you first run the app, you will be once again asked to give a confirmation that the application comes from a trusted source. Once confirmed, you will have access to the app’s extensive library of free movies.

MovieBox is the equivalent of Showbox for iPhone, iPad and other devices based on the Apple operational system. The app’s menu and content are the same as in Showbox. This allows owners of Apple devices to enjoy the same range of free entertainment as the Android users have at hand.

Another way of running Showbox on your iPad involves the use of an Android emulator designed for iOS devices, such as the ManyMo emulator recommended for iPad users. A free of charge alternative to ManyMo is the iAndroid emulator offered within the Cydia application. In both cases, the Showbox app can be launched within the emulating software.

Should following the step-by-step installation procedure described above not prevent app errors or iPad Showbox not working altogether, the MacX Video Converter Pro is an interesting alternative to Showbox for iOS devices. This powerful online video downloader and converter allows for downloading Showbox movies at high speed without degrading the video quality and flooding you with adware.

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If you are going to have a Lawn Mower, make sure it’s better to use, do compare with others which have the best features. So, there is some best option to choose a perfect commercial Riding Lawn Mower for your own. You can make your garden look very clean and beautiful using the best commercial riding lawn mower. So, in this post, I am going to list the best Commercial Lawn Mower for the buyer, who has been looking for the top selection ofMower to buy.

Honda HRR216K9VKA:

Those people who want to buy this type of best Mower at a very reasonable price, it has perfect features to use. This Mower is not a noisy mower, and so you don’t need to worry, just go for it. It has two sharp blades to gives you a perfect clipping. Overall this mower gives a very clean cut and very fine in clipping. The max speed of this mower reaches 4mph. Honda mower has very nice features, and it depends on the user, how much they use the power on the machine. The quality of the products and its reliability make itself very remarkable. So it gives fine and clean cut which is useful for the householder.

Snapper Hi-Vac SP Mower P2185020:

This is for those people who needs a very high quality with strong features Push Mower. This Mower has extreme features. The engine doesn’t require for choking or priming. The unique shape of this mower’s deck makes a very powerful and attractive vacuum under the mower. And the vacuum almost holds the clipping grasses in the bag. So, using this mower will provide you very neat and clean playground.

Stanley 54ZSG3:

This medium sized mower has excellent features with seven gauge welded steel deck, the roll bar, and headlight. It gives you extended working hours. A dual hydrostatic drive system gives it extreme speed. Putting the controls on the seat gives you a perfect view of the cutting deck and the wheels, which is very helpful to handling.

Husqvarna Rz4622:

This is a very excellent mower for cutting and cleaning grasses. The 22-horsepower Briggs and Stratton Endurance engine give a wonderful riding mower. And it’s not so as heavy duty or as big as another mower. This is the best mower for homeowners, who want to make their work short and or a small professional with the smaller business who doesn’t need so much big package of offers.

A smaller mower used for lawn, sports ground or playing fields. So, using a mower is very much helpful for cutting the grasses in fine height. Knowing the sizes of work, there are lots of mowers, which can provide you perfect services. You need to see and observe the features of any mower, which are you going to buy for your own. So, here I have already listed some of the best commercial riding lawn mowers. Go get check it and buy it!!

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jake&sally (7)jake&sally (8)

Jake and Sally! The only couple I know that would willingly wake up to run together on their wedding day. Now that’s dedication! These two tied the knot at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego. We literally could have taken a photo in front of anything at this venue and it would have been gorgeous! The grounds are stunning. I’m in love with all of the colors Sally chose for their wedding. And can we just talk about her dress with a hint of light pink underneath?! It’s so fun to get to see two friends tie the knot. Sally and Jake are perfect for each other 🙂

jake&sally (11)jake&sally (26)jake&sally (19)jake&sally (20)
jake&sally (23)
jake&sally (50)jake&sally (45)
jake&sally (34)jake&sally (46)jake&sally (49)

jake&sally (52)jake&sally (54)jake&sally (61)jake&sally (64)jake&sally (77)jake&sally (79)

jake&sally (88)jake&sally (85)jake&sally (93)
jake&sally (96)jake&sally (99)jake&sally (103)jake&sally (104)jake&sally (123)jake&sally (116)jake&sally (122)
jake&sally (125)

Sally was glowing!
jake&sally (119)
jake&sally (131)

jake&sally (148)jake&sally (151)jake&sally (152)jake&sally (145)

jake&sally (191)jake&sally (196)jake&sally (213)jake&sally (216)jake&sally (222)jake&sally (224)jake&sally (225)jake&sally (180)jake&sally (181)jake&sally (186)jake&sally (172)

jake&sally (260)jake&sally (262)jake&sally (264)
jake&sally (274)jake&sally (271)
jake&sally (319)I always love seeing the grooms reaction!

jake&sally (324)jake&sally (326)jake&sally (328)jake&sally (333)jake&sally (335)
jake&sally (341)jake&sally (343)jake&sally (345)jake&sally (355)jake&sally (371)jake&sally (383)jake&sally (384)
jake&sally (391)jake&sally (393)jake&sally (394)jake&sally (398)
jake&sally (405)jake&sally (406)jake&sally (407)jake&sally (411)jake&sally (451)jake&sally (453)jake&sally (458)
jake&sally (462)jake&sally (474)jake&sally (470)jake&sally (471)
jake&sally (478)jake&sally (486)
jake&sally (488)jake&sally (493)jake&sally (492)-2
jake&sally (498)jake&sally (512)

jake&sally (507)jake&sally (509)
jake&sally (503)jake&sally (531)
jake&sally (525)jake&sally (526)

jake&sally (530)

jake&sally (541)
jake&sally (545)jake&sally (549)

Their location had SO many different gorgeous backdrops that were perfect for taking their posed photos!jake&sally (551)jake&sally (554)jake&sally (562)jake&sally (572)jake&sally (235)jake&sally (228)

Sally handmade all of the boxes they used for center pieces! They turned out beautiful.
jake&sally (236)

jake&sally (599)jake&sally (600)jake&sally (624)jake&sally (604)
jake&sally (611)jake&sally (618)jake&sally (620)
jake&sally (627)jake&sally (808)

jake&sally (781)jake&sally (778)jake&sally (789)jake&sally (792)jake&sally (793)jake&sally (796)jake&sally (802)jake&sally (804)
jake&sally (821)jake&sally (813)jake&sally (809)

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