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There are SO many reasons to make the decision to opt for a first look. A “first look” is when a bride and groom choose to see each other before their ceremony. As a wedding photographer there are more than a few reasons of why I highly recommend it:

– With a first look, your day begins earlier so you have more time together. Instead of your wedding day beginning at the ceremony, it begins a few hours earlier. It also gives you more time with your guests since you can actually enjoy cocktail hour together. Why not make the best day of your lives last even longer?

-You get MORE photographs! As a photographer, my job is to advise you what scenarios will produce the best images. Having a first look plays a huge role in how your wedding day will play out, and relaxes the schedule considerably (more on that below). I’ve found that having a first look allows for more photographs from the day, but it also gives me more time to take more creative images around your wedding venue.

-You get a private moment with each other and have it documented forever! I’ve often been told by couples that they were so happy they opted for a first look because they were much more nervous on their wedding day than they ever expected they would be. Just getting to talk to your bride/groom, see each other, kiss and hug can have a way of calming nerves and getting rid of any pre-ceremony jitters.

-You will enjoy a more relaxed schedule which will help you (and I) worry less about rushing to take photos. Once the ceremony is over, we typically have no longer than an hour to document the bride and groom, bridal party and both families. It can be difficult to take all those photos within an hour. Why add the stress of feeling rushed on your wedding day? Also, when you wait to take photos until after the ceremony the wedding party tends to be antsy since they are already in party mode! By doing the wedding party pictures before, everyone is more cooperative.

-Last but not least, if you’re worried that your hair and makeup might not be fresh after the ceremony, then the first look is a great idea for you! Hair and makeup are not the only things to consider being photo worthy- it also insures that your flowers won’t be wilted.

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