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How do we book you for our wedding?  You are welcome to book before we meet via email, phone or through a Skype consultation. Either way, we will go over your wedding details and pricing packages. I book on a first come, first serve basis and a 20% deposit and signed contract are required in order for me to commit to your date. The balance can be paid up to 14 days before your wedding date!

Why is the engagement session so important? Many couples don’t realize their photographer is with them every minute of the most important day of their life! The time we spend together during your engagement session is the perfect time to get to know each other, and it goes a long way in building trust. It also helps you become more comfortable in front of my camera, and I get to know how you interact as a couple, finding the best ways to direct you. This will ultimately give you even better pictures on your wedding day.

What is a first look? A first look is when a bride and groom choose to see each other before their ceremony. As a wedding photographer there are more than a few reasons why I highly recommend it, and you can read all about the perks of doing a first look HERE.

How long does it take to receive our photos? Lifestyle sessions will take approximately two to four weeks for completion. I guarantee weddings will take no longer than three months. I always start working on them immediately after the shoot and do my best to deliver your photos to you as soon as possible!

How many photos will you give us? Lifestyle clients will get approximately up to 100 photos. Weddings usually range between 600-1000. Every scenario is different very different depending on how much you have planned that day and if you choose to customize the hours of coverage.

Will all of my photos be edited? All the photos from your session will be professionally edited for brightness, contrast, exposure, color-correction and sharpening. I make sure to try and delete photos with your eyes closed, doubles etc..

What are full resolution images? Full resolution images are the highest quality you can get and can be printed in almost any size. The files can be used to print from home or take to a printer of your choice.

Are there traveling charges? I will drive to locations within Contra Costa County at no extra charge. For sessions or events outside of the county there is a flat travel fee of $100. If your location is two or more hours away, I will quote you a fee according to your distance. If your location requires an entrance or parking fees I expect that those fees will be covered for myself and my assistant.

We are putting together a unique/detail-heavy wedding and would love to get it published. Have you been published before? That’s awesome, and yes, I love to help brides submit their weddings. I have been published in The Knot Magazine as well as multiple wedding & inspirational blogs. Click HERE to see all the places my work has been featured. If you’d like to have your wedding or engagement session featured, I’d love to work together to try and make that happen.

Are you comfortable with directing large groups? I have no problem in the area of directing people. When it comes time for family and wedding party photos I am very aware that things need to keep moving along. I’ll quickly and kindly take charge so your guests are not left waiting any longer than you have pre-planned. Prior to the wedding we’ll discuss and agree upon a realistic time schedule for your family and wedding party photos, and I’ll do my best to stick to that schedule.

Can other people take pictures while you’re taking pictures?  I prefer if guests refrain from taking pictures during any posed portraits, such as attendant or bride & groom sessions. Camera flashes may affect my photos or distract people to look away, which could significantly slow things down. For these reasons I ask that guests do not shadow us on your wedding day. If needed I will kindly ask them to respect this request.

Can I have the original images to edit myself? There are several reasons I choose not to release the editing rights to you. Here are a few: #1. I spend several hours editing your images to what I consider is a product that I can attach my name to. My work is a finished product.  #2. You hire me for my style with posing, editing, personality, and my work in general, so I’m assuming you like my finished product and wouldn’t need to alter it. #3. I am not just a service that owns really nice equipment, but just as importantly, I’m an artist with a style of my own who wants my work to be shown to clients as I see it. This is why I’m always the primary photographer. #4. The way I compensate for lighting/exposure with my camera settings is taken into account for the final outcome of each picture. #5. Giving someone the freedom to take your work and alter it, add to it, or even completely change it is a scary concept. It’s like letting go of your baby. #6. Ultimately I hope you’ll hire me because you like what I produce.

Do you work with an assistant? Yes, I always work with an assistant! This gives me the ability to capture a number of angles and helps to insure I don’t miss a moment.

Do you do destination weddings and if so what are the expenses? Yes! I love to travel and even offer discounted rates for destination weddings. Message me for travel pricing details. For Northern CA weddings over an hour away with a photo start time before 7:00AM, I will need a room the night prior. For weddings over an hour away that end after 11:00PM, I will need a room the night of the wedding.

Every client and photo shoot is unique, so if there are any questions that I have not answered, feel free to ask!


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