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4 Best Hacking Tools for your Android Device!!

Through the help of Hacking Tools, you will be able to hack all the premium apps and games, take a complete control over your Smartphone’s and many other which you will be able to experience your Smartphone in a better way.

Normally every Smartphone doesn’t get launched with a complete package, and that is the reason we have to purchased without assuring whether the app is safe or not so, here I will be giving you the best hacking TOOLS where you will be able to do all your works and experiment with the help of the tools.

Best Hacking Tools for your Android Phones:

  • Nmap( “Network Mapper “): This is one of the most useful hacking Tool that is available for free absolutely with all the requirements of open sources utility for the network explorations or for the purposes of security auditing. Although it is one of the best Hacking tools and works well against the single host but it was actually designed for scanning large networks rapidly.

This tool uses raw IP packets like the ways of the novel just to determine what really the host are available on the networks, and many others such as those the operating systems are running after, etc. Wifi Password Hacker, Nmap mostly works on the computer where both console and graphical versions are available, and it is a completely free open source as well as a free hacking tool.

  • John the Ripper: This tool is well known as one of the fastest password crackers that are recently available in various flavors of UNIX, and it is officially supported without counting on various architectures. The primary purpose of this Tool is to detect all the weak UNIX passwords. So eventually this tool is going to be so much useful for you.
  • Super Scan: This tool is very powerful TCP port scanner, resolver, and pinger. SuperScan 4 is the latest update of highly well know and popular Windows port Scanning tool, Superscan. So you saw how useful and important is the tool for your Smartphone to hack anything which you want.
  • Lucky Patcher: Lucky Patcher Apk is one of the most useful apps available for both iOS and Android devices for hacking any applications and games as well as crack any online and offline games through the help of this game. You can also remove excessive Google ads, bypass license verifications, and many others through this app.

So the given tools above are all the best-selected hacking tools that can certainly be the most useful tool for every Smartphone users to experience and explore the devices more clearly. The tools are safe and unmodified versions so no threats and viruses present in the Tool. So download the tool easily and enjoy experiencing more things which you don’t know so far.

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