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Behind The Scenes – Image Processing

I thought it would be fun to do a little behind the scenes breakdown of my image processing. Every image I give to clients goes through the same very specific artistic process. As a wedding and lifestyle photographer, I would say that customer service is my highest priority. Your wedding day or photo shoot should be about bringing out the best “you” possible, and my job is to draw out your personality by creating a fun and enjoyable environment. Not only do I want my clients to have a great time at their session, but I want them to absolutely love the outcome of their photos and have their personalities shown through them.

These images were taken at Meghan & Alex’s adorable recent engagement shoot in Livermore. You can see all their images here. As simply as I can share, here’s an overview of how it’s done.

Step One: Capturing the Image
Nothing can compare to a well-crafted image. Before the editing process even begins I’m crafting a pose that fits my style.  I feel like my style really comes across as candid journalistic, meaning I want your posed photos to look as if you didn’t even notice I was there. My favorite images are of my clients cuddling, giggling, or sharing a sweet kiss. Along with that, in camera I am exposing for the right light, great composition, and proper exposure. Getting it right in camera is key. If the wedding timeline allows I love to create a “Same Day Slideshow” with the unedited images at wedding receptions to surprise my couples. Although you will never see one of these raw images in your online gallery, or on my website, it is simply the foundation for what defines my style.

Step Two: Color Correcting
After I’ve culled through the raw images from a shoot, erased the doubles and photos of people blinking, I start the color-correcting process and edit each image for brightness, contrast, color and exposure in Adobe Lightroom. I also apply some of my favorite VSCO film presets to every image. I love photos with a warm, romantic overall feel.


Step Three: Facial Retouching
Last but not least, my favorite images get special facial retouching. This is on an as needed basis and is normally only needed on close up images. I want these images to look their absolute best. A little pop of the eyes, teeth whitening and skin softening is applied. I don’t want anyone to look like a cartoon and I don’t remove moles, scars, or freckles- I just want to make subtle enhancements.

If needed I photoshop out any unwanted flaws, like a person walking through the background, cow poop on a trail or anything of that nature.

Step Four: Delivery
Last but not least I upload all the images to an online proofing gallery so you can view them as soon as they’re completed and send a disc of all the images holding memories you can cherish forever.  I get asked all the time what I actually do to your images and what you get when booking me. At the end of the day, I want to tell your story through my lens. I totally get how exciting it is to view your photos as quickly as possible, so a fast turnaround time is very important to me. Lifestyle sessions can take up to three weeks for completion but are almost always done early. I guarantee weddings will take no longer than two months. I always start working on them immediately after the shoot and do my best to deliver your photos as soon as possible (Pssst…many of my couples have gotten their photos back as quickly as five days after their wedding!).

I hope you enjoyed seeing the editing process! Please note, every photographer is different and I believe their is no “right way” to do things. This is simply what works for me 🙂

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